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The Best Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life Forever

Photo: Pixabay

Now and then, your iPhone battery drains too quickly. You can go days without charging your iPhone, but eventually, the battery won’t make it through the day. This is because your phone’s display and wireless radios drain more power than we realize, so if you want to save your battery and stop your phone from draining too quickly, learn how to do this with these easy steps!

Why Does the iPhone battery Drain so Fast?

The charge level problem often leads to users not being able to charge their devices. The charging issue is that the battery just isn’t reaching the amount of power it’s supposed to be receiving. There are many causes for this Charge level issue, but the chances are that one of them is causing the cause of a charge level problem. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Not charging the battery enough
  • Running out of battery power without interruption
  • Charging your phone incorrectly or slowly
  • Using apps that consume your phone’s energy
  • A damaged cable
  • Bad power cord
  • Worn out a part inside the device

The Four Best Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life Forever

There are four proven methods for extending your iPhone battery life:

  1. Turn off Bluetooth – This is the most important thing you can do to preserve your device’s battery life. It will also ensure that you are getting the best possible connection when streaming music or using GPS.
  2. Turn off Location Services – This is one of the most common ways for people to run out of battery power on their devices quickly. As you know, Location Services constantly tracks your locations and sends them to Apple servers.
  3. Delete unused apps – If you have an app that you don’t use or just lying on your home screen, remove it from your phone as soon as possible to reduce unnecessary background activity. These apps usually use a lot of CPU power. You can use this method if you have an older phone with less CPU power, even though modern phones have increased CPU performance extensively these days due to significant advancements in technology.
  4. Check for missed notifications – If you have been using your device lately, you may have missed notifications from apps that send push notifications. These notifications can be pretty resource-intensive and drain a lot of power.

What are the Best Apps for Saving Battery Life on an iPhone?

With the advancements in technology, your phone is no longer just a tool for communication. It is also a gateway to entertainment, convenience, and personalization. Unfortunately, with so many functions packed into one device, your iPhone will inevitably die at the end of the day. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of apps that can help you conserve battery life on your iPhone: Battery life, Battery HD+, Battery Toolkit, and Battery Care.

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