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iPhone 11 Package Box: Weight and Dimensions

Photo: Pixabay

iPhone 11 package box is H-6.61in x W-3.66in x D-2.05in for the base model without additions.

Apple’s iPhone 11 is still one of the best smartphones out there. With a streamlined design and optimized relationships between hardware and software, it offers users a great experience, albeit for a slightly steeper price. Yet, not every iPhone 11 package box is the same, for several reasons.

The size of your box may vary for several reasons:

  • iPhone model
  • Shipping standards
  • Carrier contract

Because Apple wanted to appeal to a wider market by issuing both the standard and the ‘’pro’’ model, as well as allowing for customizable auxiliary gadgets like AirPods, not every box will be the same.

Additionally, some mobile data carriers will offer more than others inside their specific deal. This can include wireless or super-fast chargers, different types of headphones, as well as cable extensions.

Still, the number of options is not limitless and those expecting a package or wanting to send a gift can count on some of the few options specified.

Shipping Size

For regular shipping not provided by your mobile carrier, you will have several options that will fall under the minimum package requirement.

For free delivery from Amazon, the base model with nothing but the charging cable will come in a 6.61×3.66×2.05 inches box and weigh roughly 6.84oz. This is enough to be shipped to virtually any location free of charge and will even enter some PO boxes that are not strictly gauged for packages.

This is significantly larger and especially thicker than the phone itself, but this should increase the cost or difficulty of shipping.

For packages that include other things the thickness will increase to accommodate that feature but will still be originally packed by Apple.

iPhone 11 Pro

The ‘’Pro’’ model of the iPhone 11 is only slightly larger than the base one and is marginally thicker where the camera is sitting. Apart from that, there are no significant differences in shipping.

Most iPhone 11 Pro models will be shipped in the same size box and will only weigh ~20% more. This will still keep the shipping size in the same postal service bracket.

The only difference is that there are a lot more types of plans that can be included with the pro model even if you are buying directly from the Apple Store. Often products like headphones or chargers will be packed separately, but the joined shipping package might be significantly larger.

For the size and weight of the package, you will need to ask your retailer about the exact measurements.

If you are ordering online, the size of the shipping package will be stated sometimes during checkout. This will let you know if your mailbox will be enough to securely store the box if you are not there to receive it in person.

Packing Size

Packaging size, especially if you are doing it yourself, may be significantly larger than the original iPhone 11 package box. The only way to keep it the same is to use tight plastic wrap, which may not be accepted by some postal services.

Additionally, some companies like UPS will have their smallest box slightly smaller than the phone’s box. For UPS, the depth of the smallest box is 2 inches, or 0.05 inches less than the iPhone 11 box.

For FedEx, you can use the ‘’small electronics box’’ to pack the phone itself, but not the box. For that purpose, you will need to use the 12×17 flat box that is 3 inches thick and pack the box in that with something filling the sides.

Ideally, you will want to use old newspaper or bubble wrap to fill the empty space. This will not only made the box fit but will also secure it during shipping which has been notorious for damaging electronics in the last few years.

Additional Components

If you are packing additional components, or expect them to arrive from a retailer, you will need to allow for more space in your post box or be careful when the delivery is arriving.

For personally shipping the iPhone 11 in the original box, this will be easier because the box from FedEx and UPS that fits the phone will fit additional chargers, cables, headphones, and adapters.

But, if you are receiving, the shipping size of the package will depend on the seller. As these items are often stolen from the porch, you should have a box of at least 8 inches in height and 18 in width if you want to receive everything.

Mobile Packages may Vary

Those receiving their phone from a mobile carrier need to take care that such packages are usually larger even if there isn’t any extra equipment. This is because contracts, forms, and marketing materials are included inside.

If the increase in size would create an issue for you, you can demand from the mobile carrier to forgo such materials and pack everything into the smallest box.

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