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The Best Productivity Apps for iOS That Can Help You Get Ahead in Life

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It’s getting harder and harder to stay productive in our productivity-killing society. Modern technology is designed to distract you when you need focus the most. Modern distractions are everywhere. You can’t watch TV without one of those annoying ads blaring and begging for your attention. Every website you visit, every video you watch, and every app on your phone try to lure you away from what matters.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best productivity apps for iOS that’ll help you stay on task and finish what needs to get done. The apps on this list are designed to help you find a balance between your time and work time, helping keep distractions at bay.  Productivity is a keyword for iOS, and it’s always important to find the right apps that will help you get things done. This article will explore some of the best productivity apps for iOS that can be downloaded from the App Store.


The apps you can get for free with an Apple device are well known for their high quality. Reminders are great for getting you to remember tasks at hand – it’s easy to use and will make sure your inbox never gets too cluttered. The reminder works hard to tailor reminders to your needs. For example, you can set the app to create worklists and personal needs like shopping, studying, or working. In addition, reminders can be linked with specific events coming up (e.g., anniversaries) or associated with natural changes in time (e.g., sunrise/sunset).


Minimal has a design that is simple but functional. Along with features like including titles on your notes and creating to-do lists, Minimal also lets you execute more complex tasks like publishing content. With this feature, you can quickly make a note that will be live for other people to see. You can share the link with them, and they can view it without logging in. This can come in handy when sending information to friends who read on different email and text messages platforms.


Todoist is one of the apps that best combines professional and personal use. It provides a strong backdrop for setting work-related goals and allows you to live a well-structured life outside office hours.

Toggle Track

Toggle Track is a time tracking app that lets you monitor nine individual tasks and projects. Many people find it helpful knowing how much time they spend on specific tasks from day to day, especially for staying aware of how much time is spent completing projects and being focused. This app is popular among the self-employed and freelancers, especially those with hourly rates who want a tool to help them stay productive. Toggl’s an excellent way to make sure you stay on top of what needs to be done at work and leave more time for the things that need your attention.


The app was developed to make people more productive and efficient. There are many features in the app that help the users be productive and organized in their everyday lives. One such feature is location-based reminders that can be set for a specific time or date, which is very helpful when it comes to remembering important deadlines and tasks.

The app’s user interface also looks clean and organized, with notebooks neatly lined up on one side of the screen. The other half of the screen displays a list of notes which can be sorted according to date, title, or even tags. In addition, users can take screenshots and annotate them using text, drawing tools, or adding photos from their gallery; this helps them remember things visually.

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