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Is It Worth Replacing IPad Battery: 4 Main Points

iPad battery
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Apple’s iPad, with its unparalleled user experience and seamless performance, is a marvel of technological advancement. But like any other electronic gadget, it can eventually succumb to the wear and tear of regular usage, particularly when it comes to its battery life. The topic at hand, “Is it worth replacing an iPad battery?” is a common concern for many iPad users as they seek ways to ensure the longevity of their device.

We’ll delve into details about battery replacement, battery capacity and autonomy, and provide clear guidelines on what to do in such cases. The answers can guide you in making informed decisions about maintaining your iPad’s efficiency and extending its lifespan.

Battery Replacement

iPad batteries are typically designed to last about 1,000 full charge cycles before they start to deteriorate, which usually corresponds to about 3-4 years of average use. If your iPad can’t hold its charge as long as it used to, or if it shuts down at higher percentages, then it might be time for a battery replacement.

Replacing an iPad’s battery isn’t as straightforward as replacing batteries on other devices, given the intricate assembly of the iPad. Professional help is recommended for this process.

is it worth replacing ipad battery
Image: Pxfuel

Is It Worth Replacing IPad Battery: Things To Consider

Whether it’s worth replacing an iPad battery largely depends on the following factors:

  1. Age and Model of Your iPad: If your iPad is a relatively recent model and still meets all your needs but suffers from poor battery performance, it’s probably worth replacing the battery. On the other hand, if your device is an older model, the cost of battery replacement may not justify the overall performance improvement, especially considering that newer iPad models might offer significantly upgraded features.
  2. Severity of Battery Issues: If your iPad’s battery drains unusually fast, needs frequent charging, or shuts down at higher percentages, these might be indicators that your battery needs replacement.
  3. Cost of Battery Replacement vs. New iPad: Apple charges about $99 for a battery replacement service if your device is out of warranty. But it’s essential to consider this cost against the price of a new iPad. If you have an older iPad and the price to replace the battery is close to, or more than, a third of the cost of a new model, you might want to consider upgrading your device instead.
  4. Battery Health: You can check your battery’s health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health on your iPad. If the maximum capacity is below 80%, you may want to consider a battery replacement.

Remember, before deciding to replace the battery, it’s a good idea to make sure the issues you’re experiencing aren’t due to a software problem or a specific app draining your battery. Performing software updates, closing unnecessary apps, and resetting your iPad (after backing up your data) can sometimes solve battery issues.

Battery Capacity and Autonomy

Battery capacity refers to the amount of power a battery can hold, often measured in milliamp hours (mAh). Over time, the capacity of the iPad’s battery decreases, thereby reducing the autonomy of the device.

As battery capacity decreases, you may notice your iPad requiring more frequent charges. You can check your iPad’s battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. A battery health below 80% is usually an indicator that it might be time for a replacement.

ipad in hand
Image: Pexels

What to do in such cases

If you’re experiencing significant battery drain, first ensure it’s not due to an app or a software issue. Close unnecessary apps, update your iPad to the latest iOS version, and try a full reset (after backing up your data) before concluding that the battery needs replacement. If the problem persists, get a professional diagnosis.

If the battery indeed needs replacement, consider whether the cost and benefit make sense for your situation. For instance, if you own an older model and the cost of battery replacement is nearly the same as a newer model’s price, it might be more cost-effective to upgrade to a new iPad.


In essence, the decision to replace your iPad’s battery hinges on several factors, including the severity of the battery degradation, the cost of replacement relative to the price of a new iPad, and the overall performance of your device. Proper diagnosis and understanding of the issue are key to making an informed decision.

While Apple’s ecosystem is designed for longevity, nothing lasts forever, and even iPads will inevitably fall victim to the entropy of time. However, with careful handling and timely servicing, you can ensure that your iPad continues to function effectively for as long as possible.

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