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13 Tips On How To Charge Your iPad Faster

Photo: Unsplash/Mika Baumeister

Tech-savvy individuals know that the iPad is an excellent investment for those looking for a reliable, multifunctional device. However, one of the downfalls of having such power in your hands is that it does take a bit longer to charge your iPad. Charging your iPad isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This guide will show you how to charge your iPad faster and safer with these simple tips.

1. Charge Your Device Properly

The first thing you should do is make sure that you are charging your device correctly. If you’re unsure if the charger is compatible with your device, then consult the manufacturer’s website for more information on which charger to use for your specific iPad model.

2. Keep Charging Cords Organized

It’s important to keep charging cords organized, so they don’t get tangled up or damaged when not used. You can find several ways to do this, including using a cord keeper or rolling the cord up and attaching it to the top of a cabinet. To avoid damaging your cord when pulling on it, hold onto one end and slowly pull on the other. It would help if you also use caution when plugging in cords that are too long for their receptacles and unplugging them from a power strip.

3. Check how many watts it draws

The iPad ships with a charging brick that connects to the tablet via lightning cable. It is powered by mains electricity and, as a result, can charge an iPad more quickly than achievable with the charger supplied with other apple devices.

4. Charge your iPad in a cool place

Your iPad must stay cool when you are charging it. Plugging it in a place where it could get too warm, such as near a radiator or inside your car on a hot day, can make the battery overheat and stop working.

5. Keep the screen brightness to a minimum

You might not realize it, but your iPad’s battery has two different ways of charging. The first is through its battery, which is the one that drains when you’re using the iPad. This battery charges whenever it’s plugged into a power source. The second way your iPad charges is through its screen. The brighter the screen is, the more power it needs from your device’s battery to keep up with the demands of the screen. So, if you’re not using your iPad in battery-saving mode or using it with a low brightness setting, you might be charged through your device’s battery and not its power cord.

6. Turn off all the apps you are not using 

Saving power is essential, and so is charging your iPad. You may be wondering how you can do both simultaneously. The answer is to turn off all the apps you are not using to conserve power and charge your iPad faster.

Photo: Pixabay

7. Avoid using the iPad while it is charging 

The iPad is a fantastic device and a favorite among many due to its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and the many apps available. However, it is important not to overcharge your iPad, or else damage may be done to the battery life and other components.

The iPad has a lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries can be damaged by overcharging. This can lead to the battery swelling and eventually exploding, making it unusable. When charging your device, avoid using it simultaneously to lower the risk of overcharging.

8. Charge your iPad with its original charger

Did you know that if you charge your iPad with the universal charger that came with it, it will charge at a maximum speed? If not, it will take much longer to charge up fully.

9. Shut down the iPad

Though you can use your iPad while charging, doing so will reduce the power available to charge the battery. It is best to let it charge without interruption, and it will charge faster.

10. Clean charging port

Does your iPad charge port seem dirty? If that’s the case, try a clean, soft brush. This should solve the problem without risk of damage. If you have dirt inside your charger, please remove it before connecting it. Your mobile will load much more quickly afterward.

11. Install the latest iOS

Open Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install or Install Now to begin the process of updating your iPad. Apple releases software updates that fix bugs and fix issues to update your iPad’s functionality. Constantly update to the latest version of iOS to take advantage of everything the new iOS offers, including better battery life and support for wireless charging.

12. Disable notifications

Sometimes notifications from other apps, even when they’re not open, show up. This wastes battery life. Select the apps you want to disable notifications for in Settings > Notifications.

13. Disable location and Bluetooth

To save power, you might want to disable any apps on your iPad that use location services. Also, don’t forget to turn off Bluetooth on your iPad to avoid unnecessary interference when charging. 

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