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The Best Smart Plugs for Every Type of Homeowner

Photo: Thomas Kolnowski/Unsplash

The demand for automation has grown considerably in the past decades. The advent of AI has provided us with tools to automate everyday tasks to make our lives easier. Smart plugs can be used to turn on or off power outlets remotely using an app on your phone. This is particularly useful if you want to turn your lights off when you head home from work but don’t want to walk up all those stairs.

What is the smart plug?

A smart plug is a device that plugs into an outlet in your wall and connects to your router. It then lets you turn on or off any electrical device by connecting to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or any other internet-connected device using an app.

A smart plug is an excellent device for home automation – it lets you control the appliances in your house from anywhere in the world. So, for example, you don’t have to be at home to change the settings on your air conditioner. You can also turn off lights before you leave for vacation, so there’s no one lurking around in your house when you’re gone. Smart plugs are still new to the market, but they have become more popular with each passing year.

A smart plug has two essential features:

WiFi Enabled: The plugs need to be WiFi-enabled to control them remotely. Most plugs are capable of connecting to your home wireless network without any extra configuration. If you don’t have WiFi at home or the plug is not WiFi-enabled, you’ll need an intelligent hub between the plug and your wireless router.

Plug Type: There are two types of plugs – standard and in-wall. Standard plugs are for devices like lamps where the cord reaches almost to the outlet.

Hey! Smart Plug

You can instantly control all of your TVLIVE enabled intelligent devices wherever you are, using the free ‘Smart Life’ app. Just make sure to connect to your WiFi router first. Then, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing the lights are on when coming home and that no one is messing with your appliances when you’re not at home. It’s also possible to share your smart plugs with other members of your household. That way, nobody has to worry about switching different devices on manually!

TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug

This product works with any WiFi router/router without the need for a separate hub. Allows you to control smart devices using your voice. Your phone can control devices connected to your Smart Plug anywhere you have the Kasa app.

Energenie MiHome WiFi Smart Plug

Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The compact design not only makes for good looks but also allows you to use 2 WiFi plugs in the same space that one would typically occupy without losing any other functionality. Use the connected button controls or a WiFi connection to control your heating & lighting from anywhere.

Lightwave smart socket

Lightwave smart socket is easy to use and does not require any special wiring to be installed. You can then connect your Lightwave Link Plus with the Lightwave app for iOS or Android and control/monitor how much energy you’re using from a distance. Next, add Lightwave to your smart home by getting the L2 model. One single device with this product will be able to cover all of your needs throughout the house. Requires Lightwave L2 Plus to enable voice or app control, but it also includes an Alexa/Google Home integration.

Eve Energy

You can observe your device’s energy usage with this smart plug. Whether you need to power on or power off, the app allows you to do so quickly and efficiently just by saying, ‘Hey Siri.’

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