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The Best iPhone and Android Apps For a Better Sleep

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Sleep is important for everyone. But for people who have insomnia, it can be a challenge. Luckily, many apps can help you with this problem. The first step is to determine what you need the app for. Do you want it for sleep? Anxiety? What is your goal? Once you have determined this, it will be easier to find a good app that suits your needs and goals. For example, some apps may help you fall asleep by playing soothing sounds and music. Other apps will help you stay asleep by providing calming sounds like rain or ocean. Here are some of the best apps to help you sleep better and feel less anxious.

Sleep Sound & White Noise

The app Sleep Sounds & White Noise is an app that provides sounds to help people sleep. The sounds include white noise, pink noise, crackling fire, and more. The idea for the app came from the founder’s personal experience with difficulties in sleeping. She found it difficult to stop her brain from thinking about what she had to do the next day at work. Sleep Sounds & White Noise aims to create a safe, simple, and efficient way to sleep.

Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis

If you look to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly, look no further than the Relax and Sleep Well hypnosis app. This app integrates a variety of calming sounds, soothing music, and a voice-over to help you meditate and relax the body, leading to a slumber. In addition, the app helps with insomnia or any other sleep disorder by teaching you how to breathe deeply and slowly.


Calm is an app that provides meditations and stories to help calm the mind. They are one of the most popular meditation apps, with millions of downloads. Users can choose from over 1,000 breathing meditations, sleep stories, and more. The app also includes a daily mindful minute synchronized with their smartwatch or phone’s clock.

Sleep Cycle 

Sleep Cycle app uses your phone’s accelerometer to track your sleep patterns and wake you up in light sleep when you’re in your most delicate phase of sleep. This will minimize the grogginess that sometimes comes with waking up too early or too late in the cycle.


Noisli is an excellent app for people who need to work in a noisy environment. This app provides several different background noise options, including the sound of rain, water, and music. You can also control how loud or quiet you want each noise to be, so if you need to do some focused work and some light reading, you can use Noisli’s “mix” setting.


Pzizz is an app that helps people get to sleep faster. Pzizz is the world’s first digital sleep solution designed for today’s busy lifestyles, combining centuries-old wisdom with breakthrough neuroscience and cutting-edge research. In addition, Pzizz combines the latest in music production, sound engineering, and psychology to make your evening routine easier than ever before.


Headspace is a meditation app that helps people find inner peace. It’s a simple and easy way to pause, center, and start living a more meaningful life. It features over 2,000 guided meditation sessions from expert teachers that help people manage anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, and more. Headspace app is also handy for sleep. A free version of this app has long audio stories which help you visualize calming environments, like strolling through a garden or going for a walk on a train. The application is available to download for both IOS and Android. 

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