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Now you’ll be Able to Play iOS Casino Apps on MacBooks

Photo: Pixabay

According to Associated Press, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook announced that the new MacBook Pro, Air, and the Mac Mini will all house the M1 Apple chip, which will allow for seamless iOS integration. This means that you will be able to play iOS Casino apps, as well as many others, on your Apple laptops.

Theoretically, this new laptop chip will be better integrated with new apps and hardware than the Intel processor that is inside the current generation of Apple laptops. But, it is questionable if this integration will work better than emulation.

The advantages of the new Apple M1 Processor compared to current laptops of the same level are:

  1. Better graphics (APU) performance
  2. Less thermal watts
  3. Better hardware codec support

As gamers will notice, the advantage of this processor needs to be heavily qualified. In many ways, it aims to give new life to laptops in general, especially as smaller and mobile devices.

But, compared to more powerful and versatile desktop processors, including APUs, it is not even close for comparison. But, the smaller size and much lower TDP means that new Apple laptops can be lighter, thinner, and more energy-efficient.

Rising Popularity of Online Casino Apps

Gambling and gaming, in general, were invented for entertainment and escapism, and the last few years really made such things needed. This is why millions of people start playing casino games every year.

And, with the lockdown issue and the inability to go to a brick and mortar establishment, there is no option but to go digital and play online casino apps.

Additionally, a huge draw of these games, apart from the obvious possibility to win some money, is that they are very inclusive for the hardware. You don’t need a powerful gaming PC to play these games in 4K graphics.

Virtually any modern device that can open a browser can play online casino apps. This even includes some refrigerators, let alone smartphones and laptops. Platforms like even offer doublets with Flash and Non-Flash options, so you can play on everything.

But, some people prefer playing dedicated apps, especially when it comes to iOS casino apps. The idea of these users is that such gaming is safer when it comes to their devices and personal information.

And, while this may be theoretically true, it is practically unimportant. All casino platforms have so much security that every larger operator is next to impossible to hack.

New MacBooks to mimic iPhones

Apple is one of the most well-known laptop manufacturers in the world. For a long time, the MacBook was the epitome of ‘’new business’’ for Millennial consumers. But, with the rise of powerful handhelds, this significance has diminished.

With the new M1 processor, Apple is trying to make laptops that will retain much of the power and utility of its predecessors while improving mobility and battery. This will create a new niche for Air and Pro users that want to have all of the Mac programs while still having a portable device.

Will this gamble pay out is yet to be seen. There is still some prestige in being an Apple user, but that time is quickly passing and if the company can’t offer useful products that will be accepted by consumers it will endanger its market position.

Emulators will still Be Better

It is without a doubt that the new MacBook will be a good laptop, both in the Air and Pro models. But, with the strength and capacity of the M1 processor, it is impossible to see how it will be better than a simple emulator.

Browser-based apps like or Ripple are easy to install and even easier to use. Also, with the price of a Mac there is little stopping you from using a desktop with something like the Ryzen 9 that will be faster than any laptop, and probably cheaper than a Mac.

Still, if you want to stay in the Apple eco-system and seamlessly pass from iOS to macOS and back you will now have the option. That leisure will cost you, but it will be there for those who want it.

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