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The Latest Review About iPhone 6S Plus

Devotees of cool tech gadgets these days fall in love with the iPhone 6S Plus. As the second phablet from Apple, the iPhone 6S Plus impresses those who seek a smart gadget. In general, every gadget from Apple with S model includes a few additional features than its predecessor. It is the right time to focus on the iPhone 6S Plus. The following review about this mobile supports you to make an informed decision.

iPhone 6S Plus Design

The main attraction of the iPhone 6S Plus is its design on the whole. This slim handset is rich attractiveness. The user-friendly nature of this design makes every user happy. The screen to body ratio of this mobile is 68%. The foremost drawback of this mobile in terms of its design is its heaviness. This mobile is 20g weight more than its predecessor. This is because Taptic Engine in this phone.

iPhone 6S Plus Screen

The best in class features of full HD 5.5 inches screen in the iPhone 6S Plus impress everyone immediately. Users of this phone take advantage of natural looking colors and solid contrast levels for their favourite LCD. The 3D Touch facility in the iPhone 6S Plus is extraordinary in every aspect. There are 3 levels of pressure sensitivity to this mobile user interface. Thus, users of this phone enjoy their way to connect with the digital world.

An advanced camera

Many people consider features of a camera before they are choosing a mobile. This is because they love photography through a phone on the go. The iPhone 6S Plus has 8MP camera. The crystal clear clarity is an important reason for how users of this phone can capture images impressively. Many users of this phone make use of Live Photo. They are happy to use this facility for sharing their favourite photos. They understand that they can take advantage of this facility on the go. They can share photos through Live Photos to anyone who uses the latest iOS gadget.

iPhone 6S Plus Long Battery

You have to keep concentrating on the battery of your mobile, haven’t you? The iPhone 6S Plus phone has the best battery life. A larger frame of this phone is very helpful to hold more than usual mAh. A brand new 64-bit A9 chipset in this phone enhances its battery lifetime further. If you are really conscious about the battery life of your phone, then the iPhone 6S Plus is the best choice for you.


  • An outstanding 3D touch
  • The best performance
  • The world-class features in cameras
  • Solid battery life
  • A fast and an accurate touch ID


  • No fast charging
  • Poor 16GB version
  • Still too big size
  • Likes fingerprint smudges
  • Oversensitive touch ID
  • Hit or miss live photos


The iPhone 6S Plus is an ideal mobile for those who have planned to take advantage of 3D Touch Display, A9 chipset, iOS 9, upgraded cameras and other advanced elements in a cool gadget. A reasonable price of this premium phone from Apple makes many people happy in recent times.

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