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With every new firmware update, Apple is trying to bring patches to exploit the things found in the software of your cell phone. Activation is the process that makes your cell phone connect to the Apple servers and register, giving you access to the phone’s features. Activation is necessary so you can unlock the functions of your iPhone. In order to activate your iPhone, you need to connect the phone with the iTunes software while having your SIM card inside the phone.

Jailbreaking is a process that requires you to use certain programs in order to unblock the soft of your iPhone. You can jailbreak iPhone 5 cell phones as well. This means that you can install all the other applications that were paid in the App Store for free entry and can customize your cell phone in any way that you want. Basically, jailbreak gives you access to the system files of your iPhone. Jailbreak is often confused with unlock. The unlocking process of the iPhone allows you to use your cell phone with the SIM cards of any mobile carrier. You can only unlock your iPhone if the phone has already been jailbroken. This requires that you install the program which is called Cydia.

Some of you may already know that the App Store is the virtual online store that Apple has created to sell applications for your iPhone. The App Store can be accessed using the iTunes software installed on your computer but it can also be accessed from your phone. Cydia is a concept very similar to the App Store. You can download applications from it but the resemblance stops here. Unlike the App Store, Cydia is the place where applications are introduced to people using the jailbreak of the iPhone. Apple does not recommend this type of download, does not recognize the software and does not accept it in the App Store.

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