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Improve Your Artistic Expression: The Best Websites for Artists of All Levels

Photo: Pixabay

The internet is an excellent resource for improving their artistic skills. Many free web resources can help you learn how to draw, paint, or draw on your computer. The best ones offer a variety of tutorials for all levels of artists. They also have easy-to-follow instructions and videos with step-by-step instructions on painting different subjects. This article will explore five of the best free web resources for artists.


Sketchpad is a digital design tool created in the 1960s by Ivan Sutherland. Sketchpad combines the process of drawing with the process of programming. It provided an early look into how computer-aided design might work and paved the way for future computer-aided design software like AutoCAD.

Lauding on its well-organized platform free from distractions, Sketchpad is one of the complete drawing websites that exist today. You can quickly draw images with a side menu containing plenty of options for effects or features. Sketchpad has plenty of brushes for all sorts of drawing and other tools such as a pen, pencil, brush, etc. The drawings can be saved in various JPEG, PNG, PDF, or SVG formats.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a photo editor and collage maker for your PC and Mac. It’s the only photo-editing software with Photoshop power, but without all the complicated things. This website offers a wide range of tools to retouch images – people can use a wide range of brushes, shapes, and thickness lines to do this. You can do all of your favorite editing tasks in just one place without having to switch back and forth between programs.

Paint online

The best thing about this free picture editor is that you don’t need a computer to do it; use your browser, and you’re good to go. What’s best is that you can paint, draw or cut any picture and add effects right from the browser window. It’s just like the graphics program that came installed on some computers. The main screen has a blank canvas with drawing tools on both sides. Then, from the menu options, you can choose which layer to edit and what effects to apply.


Sumopaint has a similar interface to Canva to make it a simple design process. In addition, it includes various tools such as different brush types, gradients, etc. Sumpopaint works in the browser, so you need to have it installed on your computer and authorized to use it. However, some functions might not be available until you use a paid account.


NoteBookCast is a kind of online whiteboard that allows you to draw simultaneously with other people. It also offers several tools like chat and laser point, making it perfect for work projects or just for fun. Whiteboards provide a portal where you can collaborate with your team. Create an account and invite them to take part in the process- their updates will update for everyone to see! Although this tool is designed to draw, it can help explain things, make sketches together, collaborate on projects, or do any other job.

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