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How to Transfer Amazon Music to Spotify?

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While there is a somewhat understandable, albeit anti-consumer, logic about large tech-giants not allowing for their services to be easily transferable to competitors, there is no good reason why it is so hard to transfer Amazon music to Spotify.

And, the issue is not even with Amazon, which allows for easy access to your playlists, as well as a way to export them. But, there is no easy way to import that playlist to Spotify.

Generally, you have three options:

  1. Copy everything manually
  2. Use free apps for limited playlists
  3. Pay for a premium service

Some apps will work better and on more devices. But, these usually tend to cost a bit more if you want to use them, not to mention charging monthly even if you don’t use their service.

Thus, if you are transferring only a few songs, your best option might be a manual copy. For a couple of dozen you can use the free apps, and if you really have days of music you want to listen to you will need to dish out a couple of dollars.

Use the Share Link

Before you start the transfer, you will need to copy your playlist from Amazon Music. For that, you can either use the app on both iOS and Android or your internet browser if you so prefer.

Log into your account and find the playlist you want to copy. When you enter, you will see three dots at the bottom that show a path for ‘more options’.

Once you click that, you will see an option to share your playlist. Now, depending on the platform you are using, you might see several options here. Regardless, you will want to copy the link of your shared playlist and save it for later.

This step is only not needed if you are manually copying the songs. But, for all other apps that copy Amazon music to Spotify, you will need the link.

#1 Going on Foot

It’s simple and it’s free! What more can you ask for?

If time and patience are things you have a lot of, then this might be the best option for you. You would simply open both Amazon and Spotify and star searching in songs from the former on the later.

But, if you have large playlists, over two dozen songs or so, you won’t find this process to be fun. Amazon Music and Spotify often don’t have the same covers, and there are usually dozens of songs under the same name.

But, if it’s just a small playlist and you don’t have other apps installed, this process can even be faster than the alternatives.

#2 FreeYourMusic (Stamp)

This is a very nice looking app. With sizable experience from the developer, you can see that they have taken multiple platforms into consideration.

Also, if you are logged in to both Spotify and Amazon you might not even need to copy the link. The app will find it for you and ask if you want to migrate your playlist to some other platform.

As always, there is a catch. The app is only free for 100 songs. After that, they’ll ask you to buy their ‘full version’.

Thankfully, there is an option of a one-time payment, currently priced at $9.89 that will even give you one month of premium. Generally, if you like jumping music apps, this might be a good option for you.

As for speed, it is not the fastest. For the whole 100 songs, you will need about 15 minutes, independent of your internet speed or device.

#3 Soundiiz

For most users, Soundiiz will be the go-to platform when it comes to transferring music. It is not as pretty as FYM but is slightly more functional overall.

They limit the number of tracks you can transfer to Spotify is 200, after which you will need to dish out for the premium. That will set you back roughly $40 a year or $5 if you are paying monthly.

There is no question that the options and services provided are good, but unless you plan to use such a service all the time it might be better to buy just a single month, transfer everything you need, and discontinue the service.

Otherwise, $40 for such a service is rather steep.

#4 MusConv

Finally, MusConv or the Music Converter is the most developed and thus the most expensive service from the bunch.

For professionals, it can be a godsend as it keeps everything in sync and can even transfer multiple playlists all at once. If you are a real music aficionado and always need to push something around it will be the best option and probably the most reliable one.

The best thing is that it will delete duplicate tracks, even if they are not identical by information. So, different nomenclature won’t be a problem.

Still, you will need to dish almost $9 if you are paying for one month, or $5.39 if you pay a full year in advance.

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