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How to Manage iCloud storage with the Minimal Amount of Hassle?

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iCloud is a cloud-based storage service that can be used to store documents, media, and other data. It has several features that make it a convenient option for storing and accessing data. But with its convenience also comes the hassle of managing the storage space available on your iCloud account. We will help you manage your iCloud storage with minimal hassle by providing tips and tricks on optimizing your iCloud storage.

Why Does iCloud Need to be Maintained?

iCloud is a service that stores the data of your iPhone and iPad. It also syncs your files and information between these devices. iCloud is a great way to keep all your data in one place, but it does come with a price: iCloud storage space. Signing up for iCloud is straightforward. Go to the iCloud website and click “Create Apple ID .”Once you’ve set up your account, you will have 5 GB of space. The amount of storage space you get on iCloud depends on the type of plan you have for it. The cheapest plan only gives you 5GB of storage, which might not be enough for some people who use their devices to store photos or videos or download apps from the App Store. If you want more space, you can upgrade to a higher-level plan.

4 Ways to Free Up Space in iCloud

Delete photos and videos

If you’re frustrated by the lack of storage space on your iCloud account, it might be because you have a lot of photos or videos. You can change this by turning off automatic upload. Instead, click on the media files you want to delete in the Photos app, then delete them. They will remain in the recycle bin for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Now that you’ve cleaned your Photo Library, you’ll be able to free up space in iCloud.

Keep an eye on your emails

When you have many attachments, emails can start to weigh more, and it may happen that they will be heard. But don’t worry, the issue is solvable with a few steps. First, go to the iCloud control screen that you can use from your iPhone or iPad, which you access through settings. Next, tap on your smartphone backups, browse the iCloud website, and tap on the letter envelope icon. You will see all of your recent backups here.

Delete old backups

The first thing that happens when you set up the iPhone for the first time is it backs up all system files to iCloud. If a malfunction or reset occurs, you can automatically restore your files and applications without manually doing it. Over time, your iPhone backup can get pretty heavy, which will impact the available storage space on iCloud. It would help if you considered what phone data you’re willing to delete before it becomes an issue.

Use free cloud services

When a subscription is too pricey, or you run out of space in iCloud, try using an alternative cloud service! Google Drive is the biggest rival to iCloud, but it offers more storage space with 15GB. This service from Google Photos allows you to write up documents, store them safely and protect your photos and videos. On the other hand, Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service with its benefits. It offers only 5GB for free, but you may find it more helpful if you use Microsoft Office 365. For €7 a month, you can enjoy the Office package without restrictions and have 1TB of Storage. 

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