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DSL modems: A buying guide for the best three models in the market

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DSL modems are devices that convert digital signals from your ISP into analog signals to send over the phone line. They also convert analog signals from the phone line back into digital signals for your computer. We will present the difference between a DSL modem and a router and the three best devices in the market.

What is DSL?

DSL, short for “digital subscriber line,” is an acronym used to describe a type of data connection that utilizes phone lines. DSL connections are most commonly sold by companies specializing in landlines. Often, when you are using a landline phone with DSL, an adapter is required to split the port and plug in both devices.

DSL modem VS. router

You’ll need a DSL modem to use the internet, which establishes the connection to your home or office for data traffic. A router is optional but can be helpful if you want to set up a wireless network at home and use your devices without being connected. A router lets you connect multiple devices to your modem for a faster, less cluttered connection. You’ll need a router depending on what you need it for. DSL is a type of internet connection, while Wi-Fi is a device that moves data across the connection. Rather than buying two separate devices, you can often get a combined modem+router service from your internet service provider.

How to Choose Which DSL Modem Fits Your Internet Service Needs?

DSL modems are a modem that connects a home or business to a telephone line, which connects the customer to an Internet service provider. There are two types of DSL modems: internal and external/ ADSL2+ and VDSL2. Internal DSL modems connect directly to a computer’s motherboard, while external ones plug into a USB port. 

External models can be moved quickly from one computer to another, while internal ones must be installed when you buy your computer or install your operating system. The best way to choose which DSL modem fits your needs is by looking at the following factors: speed, price, and compatibility with your ISP. 

The Best DSL Modems in the Market


CenturyLink is an industry-leading manufacturer of networking products. The DSL modem they provide is suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses. In addition, this router is enhanced by the ultra-fast IEEE 802.11ac wireless technology, which provides smooth video streaming and no lag. It also has integrated VDSL2, which supports faster ADSL2+ and VDSL2 of up to 17Mb profile specification.


TP-Link is a well-known brand for its devices such as routers and modems. This device supports dynamic IP address assignments with port forwarding and other security features to help you keep your network private. The router also supports UPnP on the ports, so it offers improved bandwidth to your local Wi-Fi network. In addition, the TD 8816 DSL modem offers triple firewalls (SPI, NAT, and packet filter), which means your connection is well-protected. The TD 8816 DSL modem offers triple firewalls (SPI, NAT, and packet filter), which means your connection is well-protected. 

AT&T Arris BGW210-700

DSL modem from AT&T is one of the cheaper modems in the market. The AT&T Arris BGW210-700 is a high-performance modem with two transmitters/antennas for a wireless network. This device has excellent hardware features that make it suitable for many needs. It includes an ONT port, 4 Ethernet ports with a gigabit connection, and 2 USB slots. Check if your internet service provider uses ONT before buying this modem to check if you’re eligible for its services.

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