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Difference between jailbreak and unlock

Photo: Pixabay

It is no secret to that Apple is one of the world’s most beloved cell phone manufactures. Even more, Apple has had so much success with the iPhone that the iPod, iPad, Apple TV and other products are also having an immense success on the market. I’m sure you have all heard about the jailbreak and unlocking terms which refer to the iPod, iPad or iPhone but what do these two processes really mean? Jailbreaking means modifying the iPhone, iPad or iPod software in order to improve performance and to be able to install applications for free. Modifying your Apple device means that you are releasing second functions that you have never had access to before.

Once you have completed the jailbreak process, you are able to customize your phone just how you want, using personalized wallpapers, ringtones, messaging tones. In some countries, jailbreaking your iPhone is forbidden by the law but in other countries, it’s not. In order to jailbreak your iPhone, you have to use the software which is called RedSn0w. This process is not irreversible which means you can give up your jailbreak anytime and just restored to the original software and bring your device to its initial stage. If you are worried about voiding the warranty, using the “restore to factory” function, you will be able to remove any trace of jailbreak and bring the phone to the initial state, before the activation.

Unlocking your iPhone is different compared to jailbreak, even though many people often confuse these two processes. You can even unlock iPhone 5 cell phones. When you purchase your iPhone from a company that offers mobile services, you are actually signing a contract and agreeing to pay monthly installments to use the services of this mobile carrier. This means that the phone is blocked and it only can accept SIM cards released by that’s specific mobile carrier. The unlock process of your iPhone can solve this problem and it is especially useful if you want to travel abroad and to be able to use your phone with a SIM cards from other mobile carriers as well.

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