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Best Ways to Create Dynamic Background on iPhone

In an ever-evolving digital era where aesthetics counts as much usability, your iPhone background should be as dynamic and captivating as you are. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on the best ways to create dynamic backgrounds on your iPhone. But before we impart the secrets to stunning, personalized wallpapers, let’s have a quick overview of what dynamic backgrounds are and why they’re essential to elevate your phone’s overall appeal.

Dynamic Backgrounds are essentially animated wallpapers that bring an element of movement to your device’s display. They add a certain depth and uniqueness to your iPhone that static wallpapers simply cannot match. In addition to being visually appealing, these cool animations can make your iPhone feel more interactive and thus, enhancing your phone aesthetics significantly.

Steps to Access Pre-set Dynamic Backgrounds on iPhone

Your iPhone is not just a communication device but also a personal accessory that reflects your style, and dynamic backgrounds are a perfect way to showcase your flair. The device comes with an array of pre-installed dynamic wallpapers that breathe life into your iPhone with their subtle motion. To find these, you need to delve into the settings of your phone. Start by tapping the ‘Settings’ icon, then scroll to the ‘Wallpaper’ section and select ‘Choose a New Wallpaper.’ You’ll be greeted with various wallpaper options, including ‘Stills’ and ‘Live’. To proceed with the dynamic options, tap on the ‘Dynamic’ folder.

This will reveal a collection of animated wallpapers available on your device. Browse through these offerings and select one that captures your eye. With a simple tap, you can then preview and set it as your background, instantly transforming the look of your iPhone.

Best Ways to Create Dynamic Background on iPhone

Guide to Customize Dynamic Backgrounds on iPhone

The standard array of dynamic wallpapers is just the beginning. For those with a creative edge, customizing your own dynamic wallpaper can bring a unique zest to your iPhone’s screen. Dive into the world of customization with apps specifically designed for this purpose, like Live Wallpapers Now or Magic Screen.

These applications offer an immersive experience where you can select from diverse base images or animations and enrich them with a wide range of effects and filters. The process is engaging and user-friendly: after launching the app, you can choose your elements, experiment with the effects, and adjust the settings until you’re content with the resulting animation. Once perfected, save your bespoke creation to your Camera Roll for easy access.

Saving and Installing Custom Dynamic Backgrounds on iPhone

The journey from conception to realization of your custom dynamic background culminates in its installation. After saving your creation to the Camera Roll, open the Photos app and navigate to the dynamic background you’ve just designed. A simple tap on your chosen image will bring up various options.

Here, select ‘Use as Wallpaper’ to move forward. Next, you will be prompted to choose how you want it to appear as a ‘Live Photo’, ensuring the dynamic aspect of the wallpaper is preserved. Finally, you’ll have the option to set this live wallpaper for your lock screen, home screen, or both. This final step breathes life into your device, making your personal touch evident every time you glance at your iPhone.

Tips for Maximizing Battery Life with Dynamic Backgrounds

Dynamic wallpapers are a feast for the eyes, but they can also be a feast on your battery’s life. The good news is that with mindful usage, you can mitigate their impact on your phone’s energy consumption. A key tactic is to enable the ‘Auto-Brightness’ feature, which adjusts your screen’s brightness according to ambient light levels, helping conserve battery power. Additionally, you might want to revert to a static wallpaper if you notice your battery dipping below a certain threshold, thus preserving the remaining charge for essential tasks.

Review of Best Apps for Creating Dynamic Backgrounds

The App Store is brimming with applications capable of transforming your vision for dynamic backgrounds into reality. Live Wallpapers Now is one such app that boasts an extensive gallery of animated images suitable for various tastes and preferences. On the other hand, Magic Screen excels in offering a hands-on customization experience, allowing you to modify animations to your liking.

Users can tweak everything from the animation’s speed to its direction, crafting something truly unique. While each app has its strengths and weaknesses, taking the time to explore these can lead you to discover the perfect tool that aligns with your creative vision and practical requirements.


From the understanding of dynamic backgrounds to accessing pre-set ones or customizing your own, we’ve covered the ins and outs of achieving an engaging, personalized iPhone aesthetic. Remember, while it’s exciting to have visually appealing backgrounds, it’s equally important to ensure they don’t drain your battery excessively. So with all these tips and tricks at hand, you’re set to bring your iPhone display to life in a way that reflects you the best. Happy customization!

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