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AirTag and Tile App: How to Find Lost Items with the Help of These Innovative Devices

Photo: Tile

The AirTag and Tile app are innovative devices that help find lost items. The AirTag is a Bluetooth-enabled transmitter that can be attached to any item and provides constant updates on the device’s location using an app. The TileStalking app is an excellent idea for people who can’t remember where they left their items. The user has to attach the Tile device and locate it with their phone and then press the ring button on their phone when they want to make it ring, making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

What are AirTag and Tile Stalking?

AirTag and Tile Stalking are two innovative solutions that make it easier to find lost items. AirTag is a Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to any object, person, or animal. It then tracks their location through WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth technology.

It can also be used as a passive identification system for RFID-enabled objects in retail stores with the integration of NFC technology. AirTag provides accurate data-driven insights on virtual customer journeys in real-time. AirTag has been available on the market for about a few months now and has become very popular, especially among parents. 

Tile Stalking is a startup that launched in 2017 and is already acquiring customers accelerated. A Tile tag is a small, Bluetooth tracker with a limited range that enables you to find everyday items like your keys or wallet. You can find various ways of attaching it with the Tile app (download for Android/iOS) that will notify you on your device when there’s interaction with the tag. 

Tile has millions of users and is very simple to use. It can track anything from your keys, wallet, child’s favorite stuffed animal to a pet. Tile tags can make a difference in the everyday life of someone. They help make things easier by eliminating dainty annoyances and finding something anxiety.

How do these devices work?

The lost item locator is a device that you attach to an item. The location tracker app on your phone can then help you locate the object by showing you on a map where it is.

Some of the things that these locators can do include:

  • Locate items that have been misplaced, lost, or stolen
  • Find your house keys if they have been misplaced
  • Find your phone if it has been misplaced
  • Help you track if your medication is being taken properly
  • Help you track your daily activity
  • Help you track movement and sleep patterns
  • Provides a way for someone to track and find you in the event of an emergency (i.e., police, firefighters, paramedics)
  • AirTag can be used for tracking vehicles and other movable assets

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