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USB Titan Key: The Future of Security

Photo: Google

Google has been a significant player in the security of the internet. Starting with a small start-up to becoming one of the leading companies in web-based security, they have helped shape the future of cyber security. This article will explore how Google is entering the area of physical devices for securing your online data. First, we will look at their latest USB device, Google Titan Key, and how it can help you be more secure. The future is now, and Google backs it!

The Features of the USB Titan Key

The USB Titan Security Key is a USB drive with advanced security features meant to be used for high-security accounts. This USB provides the same level of security as the traditional 2FA (two-factor authentication) authentication method. However, unlike the conventional way, which needs a code or token sent to users’ phones, this key generates a time-bound one-time password on its own and does not require an internet connection. This way, it can be used for accounts where constant internet connection may not be possible such as remote work sessions and other situations where an internet connection is unavailable or unreliable.

This device also has a unique design with two layers: one layer contains hardware security elements that ensure the user’s private information stays safe even when they enter their PIN wrong or forget their password. The USB key by Google will cost you around $30, making it slightly more expensive than other security keys in the market. But, according to Google, it’s worth the price because of its added security features which are not available with other security keys in the market.

How the Titan Key Works and How to Use It

Titan security key has been created with Google as a manufacturer. It is a hardware chip that comes pre-installed with Google’s firmware and protects your account. Following the FIDOS standards, it replaces all other two-factor authentications (2FA).

A security key can be enrolled using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on a computer (13.0.4 or higher). This must be done using an Android device running version 7.0 or higher or an iOS device running version 13.3 or higher. The browser will automatically find this enrollment option for you after signing up.

To connect your Bluetooth security key, make sure that your iPhone or iPad has the latest version of the Google Smart Lock app downloaded. Then, if you’re signed in to your iPhone or iPad when you add a Bluetooth key to your Google Account, this will automatically sign the key in. Use the security key or app when it’s time to log in to your Google Account on another device.

A new generation of security

The Titan Security Keys (from Google) maintain compatibility with FIDO standards at the security level and are valid to protect your Google account and logins. They’re also compatible with services like 1Password, one of the best-known password managers. 

The new keys are compatible with smartphones, but the first generation model only had one option – NFC. However, Google says their first Titan security key still works without any problems. The new line reached the stores authorized by Google, both physical and online, and the multinational store a few months ago. For more information, check out the Google store: Titan Security Key.

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