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Is it worth to unlock the iPhone 5?

Photo: Pixabay

No doubt that Apple is the biggest player on the smartphone market and Apple products are something that everyone aspires to because of the high quality and the statement that this brand makes. Their newest gadget, the iPhone 5 is a promising device that brings user the full smartphone experience, giving you the best you could get out of a cell phone. However, in order to unlock iPhone 5 devices, the fees are somehow exaggerated.

The iPhone 5 was made available back at the beginning of December and you can purchase it unlocked, without a contract. If you want an iPhone that you can use with any SIM, it is ideal to buy the device unlock. If you buy it with a contract however, it will be locked and will accept only SIM cards from the mobile phone service provides that supplied the device. If you want to purchase a “free” device so you won’t have to unlock iPhone 5 cell phone, you can visit Apple’s official web store and pay $849 for the 64 GB version (which is only useful if you really have to store tons of apps and information on your smartphone), $749 for the 32 GB version and $649 for the 16 GB version. However, you can purchase the mobile device from a carrier and pay as little as $199, so are you willing to pay 3 times this price for an unlocked version of the iPhone 5?

Think it over and see if you are truly going to use this phone with another SIM card or in another country and, if not, you may want to consider going for a 2 year contract with one the providers in your area. In case you want to give an iPhone 5 as a gift to someone and are not sure which mobile carrier they use, purchasing an unlock version is the best idea and will save you a lot of headaches.

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