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How To Send A Voice Message On iPhone: 4 Ultimate Ways

iphone voice message
Image: Pexels

In an era where communication is key, knowing how to send a voice message on an iPhone can greatly enhance your messaging experience. iPhones, renowned for their user-friendly interface and advanced features, offer multiple ways to send voice messages. This capability not only brings convenience to your fingertips but also adds a more personal touch to your digital conversations. Whether you are a new iPhone user or simply looking to explore all the features your device has to offer, this guide provides a comprehensive look into the various methods of how to send a voice message on an iPhone, ensuring you can communicate effectively and efficiently in any situation.

Methods to Send a Voice Message on iPhone

1. Using the Messages App

Step by step guide

  1. Open the Messages App: Locate the Messages icon (green with a white speech bubble) and tap to open it.
  2. Select or Start a Conversation: If you’re continuing an existing conversation, find it in the list. For a new message, tap the compose button (pencil icon in the top right corner), then select a contact or enter a phone number.
  3. Record Your Message: Locate the microphone icon to the right of the text field. Press and hold this icon. You’ll see a visual indication that recording has begun. Speak clearly and directly into your iPhone’s microphone.
  4. Review Your Message: After recording, you can release the microphone icon and then play back your message to ensure it sounds as intended.
  5. Editing Options: If you’re not satisfied with the recording, swipe left on the message to delete it. Otherwise, prepare to send it.
  6. Send the Message: Tap the upward arrow to send your voice message. The message will appear as an audio waveform that the recipient can play.
  7. Time-Sensitive Feature: Remember, by default, voice messages sent via the Messages app are set to expire after 2 minutes to save space. You can change this in the settings if you want your messages to be saved indefinitely.
how to send a voice message on iphone
Image: Pexels

2. Through Voice Memos

Step by step guide

  1. Access Voice Memos: Find the Voice Memos app on your iPhone. Its icon resembles a waveform. Open the app.
  2. Prepare to Record: Ensure you’re in a quiet environment to get a clear recording. Position yourself appropriately from your iPhone’s microphone.
  3. Start Recording: Press the red circle button at the bottom of the screen to start your recording. Speak normally as the app captures your voice.
  4. End the Recording: Once you have finished your message, press the red square button to stop recording.
  5. Name Your Recording: Tap the recording, then tap the name and rename it for easy identification later.
  6. Sharing the Recording: Tap the recording you want to share, then tap the three dots for more options. Choose ‘Share’ and select the Messages app.
  7. Select a Contact: Choose a recipient from your contacts or enter a phone number manually.
  8. Send the Voice Memo: After selecting a contact, add any text if needed and then send the memo as an attachment in your message.
  9. Managing Recordings: Voice Memos can be edited for length, renamed, and stored indefinitely, offering more flexibility than the default Messages app method.

3. Using Third-Party Messaging Apps

Step by step guide

  1. Choose Your App: Open your preferred third-party app like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Messenger. Each app will have its unique layout but similar functionality.
  2. Navigate to a Conversation: Scroll through your chat list or start a new conversation by selecting a contact.
  3. Locate the Microphone Icon: Typically, the microphone icon is next to the chat box. It might be replaced with a “Type a message” field in some apps.
  4. Record Your Message: Press and hold the microphone icon. Some apps show a visual cue like a waveform or a timer as you record.
  5. Review Before Sending: Some apps allow you to listen to the recording before sending. Swipe to the left or tap delete if you wish to re-record.
  6. Send the Message: Release the icon to send immediately or in some apps, slide to the send icon.
  7. Cancel the Recording: Slide your finger away from the microphone icon to cancel the recording in most apps.
  8. Additional Features: Many third-party apps offer enhanced features like voice message transcription, longer recording times, and even the ability to lock the recording button for longer messages.
sending voice message
Image: Pexels

4. Using Siri to Send Voice Messages

Step by step guide

  1. Activate Siri: Use “Hey Siri” or the side/home button. Ensure Siri is enabled in your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Initiate the Voice Message Command: Say “Send a voice message to [Contact’s Name]”. Ensure the contact’s name is pronounced clearly.
  3. Wait for Siri’s Prompt: Siri will confirm the contact and then prompt you to start speaking your message.
  4. Record Your Message: Speak your message after the beep. There’s no need to hold down any button, just speak naturally.
  5. Review and Send: After recording, Siri will play back your message. You can choose to re-record, cancel, or send it.
  6. Confirm Sending the Message: Say “Yes” or “Send” to dispatch your voice message. Siri will confirm once the message is sent.
  7. Handling Mistakes: If Siri misinterprets the command or contact name, you can correct it by saying “Change it” and providing the correct information.
  8. Advantages of Siri: Using Siri is hands-free, making it convenient while driving or when your hands are occupied. Siri can also be used to send voice messages through third-party apps that integrate with Siri.


Mastering how to send a voice message on an iPhone is an essential skill in the modern digital world. As we’ve explored, whether it’s through the Messages app, Voice Memos, third-party messaging applications, or using Siri, each method offers its unique advantages and ease of use. This feature not only streamlines communication but also brings a human touch to our often text-dominated exchanges. With this guide, you are now well-equipped to use your iPhone to its fullest potential, ensuring that your voice messages are sent smoothly and effectively, enhancing both your personal and professional digital interactions.

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