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How to Block Adults Websites on My iPhone Permanently

How to Block Adults Websites on My iPhone Permanently

The internet, while deeply educational and essential in the modern world, hosts a plethora of adult content that is not suitable for all individuals. This content is easily accessible on all devices, including iPhones. Parents, guardians, or individuals who want to filter out this mature content for personal or safety reasons often feel an imperative to understand how to block adults websites on their iPhones permanently.

By giving importance to the blocking of adult content, a safer internet browsing environment can be created for younger iPhone users or anyone who does not wish to have exposure to these sites. The necessity for online safety is ever-growing and a significant part of it lies in controlling what content is available for viewing.

Parental Controls on iPhone

Apple provides several robust tools to secure and protect its users — one of them being the parental controls. These controls, applicable on all iOS devices, play a vital role in the level of internet safety provided to users.

These controls or restrictions offer options to filter or block certain content from being accessed through the iPhone. By understanding and utilizing these controls, the user can considerably increase their level of internet safety on the device.

Steps to Enable Restrictions on iPhone

The ability to filter and block content comes under the Restrictions settings. To enable this, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on ‘Screen Time’, then ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’. Here, you can enable the specific restriction that you need.

The restriction settings are then protected by a password, providing an added step of protection. To set up a restrictions password, you will need to ‘Use a Screen Time Passcode’. This should be something only you as a parent or guardian know and is used to guarantee that only you can change or modify the restrictions.

Setting up Website Restrictions

Apple’s website restriction work by categorizing websites into ‘Adult’ or ‘Child-Safe’ based on their content. These can be accessed in the ‘Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content’ section of the settings.

To block adult websites, simply choose the ‘Limit Adult Websites’ option. By enabling this option, the access to mature content is extensively reduced.

How to Block Specific Websites

Sometimes, you might want to block access to specific websites, beyond just the general ‘adult content’. This could be specific sites that you don’t want your children to have access to. These could be social media sites, video sharing sites, or anything else that you deem unsuitable.

For this, you can go to the ‘Never Allow’ section in the ‘Web Content’ menu and add the URL of the specific website you want to block. After adding it, the website will not be accessible from any browser on your iPhone.

How to Block Adults Websites on My iPhone Permanently

Additional Apps for Website Restriction

While iPhone’s inbuilt parental control options are comprehensive, more specialized and strong controls can often be found in third-party parental control apps. Apps like Net Nanny, Qustodio, or OurPact offer heightened control over what can be accessed over the internet on your iPhone. They also come with features like monitoring social media activity, setting screen time limits and more.

To install these apps, simply go to App Store, search for these apps and install them. Once installed, these apps will guide you through their configuration process for better online safety on your device.

How to Keep Your Restrictions Password Safe

The restrictions password plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity of your website restriction settings. It is essential to use a passcode that is secure and known only to you to prevent unauthorized changes to your settings.

The best way to ensure the security of your password is by using a unique combination that is not used elsewhere. It’s also vital to not share this password with anyone, especially those whom the restrictions are imposed upon.

Common Issues & Their Solutions

While iOS’s parental controls are highly effective, users may occasionally encounter issues. These can range from forgetting the restriction password, or an important website getting blocked inadvertently.

Apple offers solutions to these issues like resetting your device, which will erase all content, including the password or whitelisting an essential website in the website restriction settings.

Reviewing and Updating Your Restrictions

Although initial restriction settings might work fine, changing needs require regular reviewing and updating of these settings. The importance of this regular review cannot be overstated as it ensures that the settings continue to serve their purpose effectively.

Reviewing and updating these restrictions is straightforward. Simply visit the ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ in the ‘Screen Time’ settings regularly, and make modifications as per your needs.


In conclusion, the internet poses a constant challenge to parents or individuals who wish to maintain safe online environments. By understanding how to leverage iPhone’s parental control settings, adults can create a safe, educational, and fun online experience.

Remember, internet safety is just as crucial as real-world safety. By implementing these restrictions, you can ensure a safe digital environment on your iPhone for everyone.

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