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Donald Trump Will Force Apple To Manufacture In USA

“We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.” – said Donald Trump.

Many Americans are hoping for the best changes in upcoming days. There will be maximum changes in the near future. The latest promise from Donald J. Trump has ensured this issue once again.

Donald Trump said that “I’ll strong-arm Apple’s CEO to stop every foreign manufacturer of damn computers”. Americans want to win all the time. He also revealed this issue. He has so many plans for the development of the nation. He focuses on how to direct leading gadget companies for the welfare of the nation again.

On the other hand, Apple manufactures Mac Pro in Austin, Texas. This reputable company understands its importance to creates and support more than a million US jobs at the end of 2015. This company claims that materials, part, and equipment from many states of the nation help a lot to make Apple products successfully.

Experts in Apple gadgets understand ever-increasing commitments of Chinese workers. These workers are enhancing the power of the iPhone in recent times. There is no clear idea about how Trump can strong-arm the CEO of Apple.

Tim Cook recommended that vocational schools in China produce skilled workers. These workers are capable to design and develop high-tech products. Many residents expect mutual growth by increasing Apple’s investment in the nation hereafter. Tim Cook understands this matter and tries to realize it.

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